Alice and Michael in their beautiful Bellagio kitchen

Welcome to Alice and Michael’s kitchen. For them, the kitchen means relationship, a place in which they enjoy spending time in the company of friends and family. The couple explains to us that they were looking for a kitchen that combined Italian and Canadian styles and that’s why they chose the Bellagio model.

A touch of colour

Alice and Michael wanted to give a touch of color to their kitchen by choosing a particular shade of blue for the large island which thus becomes the central point of the composition.


Canadian recipes

Saturday morning is the best time for the family: Alice and Michael love preparing Canadian dishes together with their children.

For them, the kitchen represents conviviality, the presence of the large central island gives the possibility of having guests close by, involving them and cooking together, but also chatting over an aperitif.

Design without borders

Alice and Michael wanted a kitchen with great style and personality without sacrificing functionality, Alice and Michael’s kitchen reflects the internationality of their family.

The possibility of customizing the kitchen and creating it according to their needs was fundamental for Alice and Michael: one of the main elements of the project is the cooking area, here the mirror with lateral niches forms the backdrop to the portal.

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Alice e Michael Bush Bellagio | Gusto Italiano

"Bellagio: a perfect combination between italian design and canadian style"

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