Marchi collections are the result of work done with commitment, dedication and attention to detail. Choosing a Marchi kitchen means relying on functionality, safety, ergonomics, the highest quality materials and cutting-edge design. Thanks to the wide choice of styles, colors, finishes and configurations, you are sure to find the proposal tailored to you. Therefore, choosing a Marchi kitchen is like finding a tailored suit that lasts a lifetime.

Vintage Style

Kitchens with great character and able to give unique emotions, refined but at the same time informal, sunny and resourceful: vintage style and metropolitan character surprise at all times thanks to ideas that draw on other cultures, sometimes reminiscent of art installations, going beyond the fashions of the moment. Who are these kitchens for? For those who are inspired by the new urban spaces, direct, essential, material, to those who are looking for an exclusive and at the same time provocative product.

Country Chic

Country kitchens by Marchi Cucine are made to measure, based on the requests and specifications provided by the customer. We use high-quality, premium materials and each kitchen is 100% Made in Italy. All kitchens are modular and highly customizable. The tradition of country kitchens revised in a contemporary way, combining craftsmanship and technology through simple and sophisticated environments.

Life Stories

Life Stories, real life stories. Saint Louis and Montserrat are kitchens with many variations, as many as the people who reflect themselves in them and choose them for their incredible particularity: it is the personality of the person who has chosen them that assumes the main role of creator and designer of the furniture in which they live. Suitable for those who know how to let themselves be accompanied on this path of discovery and rediscovery, for those who know how to open themselves to a world of creativity and excellence, of ideas developed to put the person at the center of attention, without any detail being left to chance.

Gusto Italiano

Design, food, art are part of our culture, nourishing our imagination. The key word that unites them is Italian creativity, that force that has made us great in the world. Being inspired by it means reaffirming the values of a reality that is artisan manufacturing skills on the one hand and excellence in industrial production on the other. In #GUSTOITALIANO, the brand tells its story through Brera76, Lab40, Bellagio and Artis, presenting compositions to which the definitions of the most pretentious design are narrow, expressing rather a Made in Italy that evokes harmony, lived-in atmospheres and spaces to be lived without restrictions. Timeless kitchens that make past and future dialogue, capable of living in homes all over the world, making everyone rediscover their own style.


"I want our kitchens to become the heart of the home and to be able to be inspired by the true essence of things, your life and way of being, to represent a space not only for cooking but in which to live freely, every day." The Philosophy collection was created to fully express the Marchi Cucine philosophy in all its facets. The new models represent the natural evolution of the company's philosophy, focused on quality materials, strictly Italian craftsmanship and study of details.

New Classic

The design metaphor of the New Classic collection is to recreate in the built heart of the city the welcoming environment of a rediscovered family intimacy, in which the kitchen rediscovers itself as a privileged place for emotional research and contemplation of one's surroundings and daily routines. In all the solutions of this collection, the magnificence of nature provokes deep reflections, inducing the recovery of inner harmony. Elements of nature and innovative design solutions characterize the modern style with a discreet but decisive character of these kitchens.

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