Collezione Country Chic


A modular kitchen designed for those people who choose to live in harmony with nature, who appreciate the discreet charm of an environment that can transform daily routine into personal well-being. Inspired by a philosophy of life found in the sunny magnificence of Mediterranean landscapes, in which everything seems to lead back to an ancestral relationship with the earth, Dhialma plays with the brightness and whiteness of the elements, as if to evoke a dream that continues even after we wake up. Outside, the haze of dawn mingles with the glow of the horizon, the silence is broken by isolated chirps. Inside, the whiteness of the walls reflects the morning light, while the furnishings of the rooms, awakened by the delicate scent of mocha coffee, are presented in a harmonious balance of form and style in the neutral colors of nature. Thus, the custom kitchen becomes the ideal means of relaxation, recreating a harmonious and jovial atmosphere.


Country/Shabby Chic|

The kitchen can be configured with custom colors/materials.
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