Collezione Country Chic


The spirited lines of the Doria kitchen evoke the slow rhythm of the Mediterranean undertow, the placid passing of time on sunny summer afternoons, on the veranda reading a good book in the rocking chair. Doria is inspired by the elements of the countryside, the winding roads dotted with cypress trees, the sunflower-covered plains, the scent of must bubbling as the harvest festival takes place in the piazza. Place the crock pot on the fire, stir the pot with the polenta, pour a quart of red to the diners waiting to join the feast. Doria is the country kitchen dedicated to those who carry within themselves the ancestral call of magical places out of time, far from the chaos of the city; dedicated to a happy and loving family who loves to spend their evenings among their loved ones, inviting friends “to the wake,” for pleasant chats or fun games of tressette.


Country/Shabby Chic|

The kitchen can be configured with custom colors/materials.
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