Collezione Country Chic


The brilliant greens of the Amazon rainforest, the ochre yellows of the Dhakla desert, the intense blues of the Irish sky, the Moorish porpoises of Andalusian dwellings, suggested the warm and rarefied atmospheres of the Incontrada kitchen and determined the polychromatic choice of lacquerings of the various elements. Incontrada is designed for travel lovers, for those who want to choose to experience the daily excitement suggested by echoes of faraway countries, letting go of evocative sensations full of pathos, lulling with their soothing embrace, like the rattling rhythm of a train. In a warm country atmosphere, objects typical of rural tradition find their place alongside others that seem like adorable souvenirs that tell of travels spent in the recent past.


Country/Shabby Chic|

The kitchen can be configured with custom colors/materials.
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Annalisa Incontrada | Country Chic

"I wanted it to be my special kitchen, and I gave myself this beautiful gift."


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