American influence in Marchi kitchens

Every one of us will have seen at least once in the movies or TV series an American-style kitchen. Its peculiarities are definitely unmistakable: size, beauty and the presence of every comfort. Let’s say that Americans, a bit like in all things, know no half measures, and with kitchens we can say that they have a way with them. It may also be because, like us, they consider this room central, whether or not we use it for serious cooking.

Regarding its function, Americans and Italians think exactly the same way: the kitchen represents the place where family and friends gather and where life in common mainly takes place. For this reason, it must be cozy, bright (remember the talk given the previous time about the role of light? If you don’t remember it, take a look here) stylish, comfortable and technologically advanced.

This style is also a winning solution for those who choose to create a single room within the living area. In fact, it is enough to combine the living room and kitchen, thus creating a living area where the kitchen still has a central role.

We at Marchi Cucine are hopelessly in love with it: Kreola, Brera 76 and Artis are just some of the kitchens that pay homage to this design.

The style is yes eye-catching, but there is one doubt that many people have and that is that such a kitchen can only be designed for large spaces. Let’s dispel this myth: first of all, thanks to the central island that distinguishes these kitchens, it is possible to recover a lot of space both for worktops and by including the dining table or other countertops to the main body.
Another myth to dispel concerns precisely the style itself. These kitchens are yes modern and minimal, but they can also be rustic or country with the inclusion of wood and terracotta for furniture and surfaces.

In conclusion, how are these American-style kitchens so sensational? Simple: the secret ingredient is that they are custom kitchens. And Marchi Kitchens has always espoused this philosophy. Every inch is designed and shaped according to the needs and desires of those who choose us to bring their dreams to life. Because for those, space is never big enough.

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