At Paola’s house between elegance and functionality

Welcome to Paola’s kitchen, where meal preparation turns into a special moment for the whole family, bringing with it the warmth of tradition and the sophistication of modernity. Paola told us that she chose the “Bellagio” model from Marchi Cucine’s Gusto italiano collection in chalk white lacquered wood, inspired by its elegant design.

Functional yet stylish

Paola, sincerely passionate about style, emphasized the importance of a kitchen that was not only functional but also harmoniously integrated into the context. Her initial uncertainty about the center island was overcome with a custom design, demonstrating how an ad hoc design can meet the specific needs of each family. One element that caught Paola’s attention were the handles, a special detail that, while discreet, adds a distinctive touch to the kitchen. This is an example of how even seemingly small details can make a difference, helping to define a unique style.

Pizza with the family

Paola told us that her kitchen has become a favorite place for family dinners. Originally from Naples, pizza making becomes a family ritual, highlighting how the kitchen is not just a functional space but the beating heart of special moments.

The design of Bellagio

The Bellagio model presents itself as a refined interpretation of classical style, with references to the Renaissance ésprit of villa living. Its versatility and the ability to organize space according to personal needs make the Bellagio an ideal choice for those seeking a combination of contemporary elegance and functionality.
Paola’s story and her Bellagio kitchen reflect Marchi Cucine’s commitment to creating spaces that go beyond mere functionality, embracing style, personality, and conviviality. Stay tuned for more unique kitchen stories and inspiration from the world of Marchi Kitchens.

Paola Bellagio | Gusto Italiano

"Meal preparation turns into a special time for the whole family."

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