The magic of Christmas in Annamaria’s Marchi kitchen

Welcome to Annamaria’s kitchen, where the magic of Christmas comes to life in a space that is not only functional but also a work of art. Annamaria tells us she chose the “Montserrat” model from Marchi Kitchens’ Life Stories collection in chalk white lacquered wood, inspired by its charming design.

Christmas in the Marchi kitchen

“This kitchen has become the beating heart of my days, especially during the Christmas season. I took possession of this space in October and immediately decided to organize a memorable Christmas for my large family,” Annamaria tells us. With enthusiasm, she explains that the vastness of the space and its massive oversized oven allowed her to prepare an extraordinary feast for as many as 22 people.

Creativity and excellence in the "Life Stories" collection.

The choice of the “Life Stories” collection proved to be a winner for Annamaria. She describes her kitchen as a work of art where her personality is the protagonist, a place that combines creativity and excellence. “I saw the style and elegance and immediately fell in love with it, saw it and chose it, this is really my kitchen,” she stresses.

Contemporary design paying homage to the past.

The “Montserrat” kitchen features a contemporary design that looks to the past with a nostalgic eye. Annamaria fell in love with every carefully crafted and refined detail, where nothing is left to chance. The chalk white, steel and minimal design blend harmoniously, creating an elegant and functional space.

In conclusion, Annamaria’s Marchi kitchen is not just a culinary space. It is a refuge where the family gathers, where creativity finds expression, and where the holidays become unforgettable. Her “Montserrat” has made this possible, transforming a kitchen into a place of inspiration and conviviality.

Annamaria Essenza | Philosophy

"The corner of my house where I can really be myself."

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