The role of light

Interior design represents one of the cornerstones in home planning. It is indeed very important to plan all the details of one’s home, because they will affect our daily life. Designing interiors means starting from the analysis of the aesthetic factors that we prefer, but without underestimating the functionality that the space must provide us. The mission, if we want to call it that, of the interior designer is therefore to combine good aesthetic taste with practicality, resulting in a harmonious space in its entirety.
One of the key factors to be taken into high consideration is light: it creates spaces that we can call “creative” and is able to manipulate the perception of them, thus going to experience the different sensations that can arise within an environment: we are not only talking about physical comfort, but also mental well-being. That is why even small details and accessories definitely make a difference!
They help give the personal touch that reflects the people who experience the environment, as well as reinvent it. It is not just a matter of filling empty spaces, but of arranging furniture elements in a way that makes a simple room an evocative and emotional place.
One part of the home that lends itself well to this kind of feeling is definitely the kitchen: Marchi Cucine does not let any detail slip through its fingers, least of all light! To illuminate this room, which is the hub of the home, it is practical, for example, to place a main source in the center, and other supporting lights where they are needed, because it is important to create diffuse points of light. In addition,
if the kitchen is particularly large, we can place pendant lamps to enhance the area where the table or island can be placed even more.

Studying how a lighting source can give a room a new face is an action that the interior designer never underestimates.In this regard, several scientific researches have also been carried out on what we could call to all intents and purposes “an art of interior design.” Indeed, it turns out that the harmonious arrangement of elements in interiors, together with the right placement of light sources, helps one to concentrate better and regain a sense of serenity.
Because this is the feeling that every single Marchi Cucine kitchen aims to bring out: well-being within one’s home.

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